Quick Lube

Our Town Car Wash & Quick Lube offers car owners across Rockland County (Orangeburg and Blauvelt) with superior quick lube oil change services. On top of offering affordable quick lube oil change packages, we also provide our customers with a car wash and car detailing services. Making us the perfect one-stop spot for many different car services. You can bring your car down for a simple car wash and get various other services to ensure it looks and runs great! For the best quick lube in Rockland County, drop by today!

Quick Lube Options

We offer 3 options when it comes to an oil change:

  • Conventional oil change: $36.95
  • Synthetic Blend or Hi-mileage Oil Change: $44.95
  • Full Synthetic Oil Change: $69.95

More Than Just an Oil Change

Each full-service oil change includes up to 5 quarts of motor oil and a new oil filter at no additional charge. We do offer special filters as an additional charge. While we are changing the oil, we will also check, fill or advise on any number of issues with your car.

  • transmission fluid
  • power steering fluid
  • windshield washer fluid
  • antifreeze/coolant
  • tire pressure
  • wiper blades
  • headlights and tail lights
  • battery
  • air filter and cabin filter

Contact Us Today To Learn More

Our Town Car Wash & Quick Lube has been in business since 1988 and is family owned and operated, making us a part of the Rockland County community. A brunt of the quick lube customers we get reside in Orangeburg and Blauvelt, but we can stretch to anyone in the community who desires to have a professional job done. We proudly serve all types of car makes and models, both foreign and domestic. Please contact us today to learn more about our availability and pricing. For a car wash, please call 845-359-6647. And if you are looking for an oil change, the number is 845-359-0299. We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding our services.